Ai-Tenitas UV Sterilization Case

The world's first UV Sterilization Case tailored for tattoo machines.

Certified 99.99% sterilization rate.

Provide a better solution to clean your tattoo machines.

Tattoo Artist’s Reviews


This machine is everything I wanted!!! I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to buy a awesome machine ‼️

Zachary Humphrey
Muscle Shoals,U.S.

I would recommend this tattoo machine to everyone. This thing gets the job done and done right . I am currently an apprentice in the tattoo industry but loving every second of it .

Patrick Robertson
San Francisco ,U.S.

I am really satisfied with the result of the work done with the Prophet T100, without a doubt a complete machine for all types of work, thank you very much for developing a product of excellent quality.

Marcelo Apostolico
Kidlington ,U.K.

Great quality tattoo machine.
2 work mode's perfect for shading and linework. Battery last about 9h, fast changing. Comfortable design, well balanced. High quality materials, easy to clean after session. Excellent price-quality balance.

East Cowes ,U.K.

I really love this’s good for black grey and colored tattoo. The battery is also great and lasts a long time!

Coco Sunny
St constant, CA

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Los Angeles, CA

So far the machine performs really good.Solid,hard hit on soft skin(many machines fail there),good liner for sure.i would highly rate the smooth and consistent performance on efficient mode,very smooth shader.For me is like to buy Cheyenne Sol nova Unlimited but on half price,so absolutely great deal buying Ai Tenitas.Well done team,I would buy again.Well spent money in solid made product.

Georgi Anchev
Southend-on-Sea, UK

I had been looking for awhile now for a new machine, I researched every brand and type. I wanted something new and different, because It seemed everyone was doing the same thing. Then I came across this wonderful machine, and what sold me was the technology behind the machine , app and case! And I definitely can not complain about the price! A must have for any artist!!

Mario Guerrero
Greensboro, US


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