About Us

The Founder of Ai-Tenitas used to be a tattoo supplier. One product became a global bestseller due to his promotion. As a supplier, he deeply understood what artists need and what’s lacking in the industry. The idea of Ai-Tenitas was born.

Brand Name:
“Ai-Tenitas” is a deformation of the Latin word, “Aeternitas”, meaning “Eternity”, just like every tattoo art.
A museum will use every measure to protect the art and hope it’ll last forever. We, use every measure to support artists creating one.

Ai-Tenitas is committed to creating the ideal tattoo machine for every artist, we focus on three vital elements:
1. Novel design
2. Best performance
3. Integration of technology

Novel design:
We’d like to provide more options for artists, so we design every Ai-Tenitas product to be unique and innovative, just like every artist’s work.

Best performance:
Always use the best motor in the tattoo industry, which allows the artist to enjoy the best performance a machine can provide.

Integration of technology:
Technology is constantly developing, we are trying to integrate existing technology into the tattoo industry. And so far, we have added ambient light, UV Case, APP control, full-color screen, etc.