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Founded in 2021, Ai-tenitas is committed to the research and development, and production of tattoo products. Based on our research and development advantages, we have long-term close cooperation with the world's top tattoo artists and application scenarios and cooperate with the world's most professional semi-permanent equipment research and development factories. We use the highest standards in the industry and undergo rigorous inspections to provide the highest quality products.

Our brand name "Ai-Tenitas" is inspired by "Mobius Ring" or "Ouroboros ", the deformation of the Latin word AETERNITAS, meaning "Eternity". Visual arts
such as painting, oil painting, watercolor, and ink painting can all be modified, covered, or removed at any time because it is drawn on paper or wall. Only
the skin makes tattoo art eternal. Generally, the
tattoo is difficult to be modified or removed, which
embodies "memory, belief, and faith"


The original intention of the Ai-tenitas brand is to create professional high-end tattoo machines with top-tier configurations and outstanding performance to meet the needs of tattoo artists. We deeply understand the uniqueness and importance of tattoo art, and therefore, we are committed to providing an unparalleled creative tool that allows every tattoo artist to unleash their full creative potential.

However, our pursuit of excellence goes beyond just the machines themselves. We have also introduced an innovative accompanying application that interacts with the tattoo machine via Bluetooth connectivity. This app not only allows easy control of the entire tattoo machine's operation but also manages client information, digitizing the management process of tattooing. This way, tattoo artists can focus more on their creations without worrying about cumbersome manual operations and data management.

The story of the Ai-tenitas brand originates from our dissatisfaction with traditional tattooing methods and our passion for the development of tattoo art. We believe that tattooing should be a creative and liberating form of artistic expression, rather than just a simple pattern imprint. By introducing high-end tattoo machines and intelligent applications, we aim to inspire tattoo artists with more inspiration and creative possibilities.

The Ai-tenitas brand is dedicated to breaking free from traditional constraints and leading the innovation and development of the tattoo industry. Our products will always strive for excellent quality and reliability while maintaining friendly prices to make high-end tattooing technology accessible to more people, allowing them to enjoy the joy and aesthetics it brings.

Whether you are a tattoo artist or a tattoo enthusiast, we believe that Ai-tenitas brand's products and philosophy will be your top choice. Let us together embark on a new chapter of tattoo art, creating stunning works and leaving a unique mark of your own.

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