Aitenitas CRM Tattoo Machine Management System


aitenitas crm-tattoo machine management system

At Aitenitas, our commitment to enhancing the tattoo industry led us to create the Aitenitas CRM Intelligent Management System. This innovative system is designed to alleviate the burdensome tasks associated with operating tattoo machines, allowing artists to focus more on transforming their craft into art. We understand the significance of efficiency in the tattooing process, and this intelligent management system is our answer to streamlining operations and elevating the tattooing experience.


Understanding the Power of Aitenitas CRM

Perhaps you're wondering what sets our CRM system apart and how it functions. Allow us to illustrate its capabilities and impact.

The journey begins by downloading the Aitenitas app onto your tablet or mobile phone, conveniently available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. For new users, a simple registration process establishes your account for seamless access. Once logged in, your next step involves linking your tattoo machine with the tablet or mobile phone via Bluetooth connectivity. Rest assured, if you find yourself uncertain about this step, our comprehensive instructions and operation videos are readily available to guide you through the process. Simplicity is our priority.

aitenitas crm tattoo machine management system

Effortless Control and Precision

With the Aitenitas app successfully integrated, you gain unprecedented control over your tattoo pen's operations. As you embark on a tattooing session, the app grants you the ability to magnify or minimize your draft as needed, ensuring meticulous attention to detail. This feature proves particularly advantageous for intricate designs that demand precision.


Moreover, the system allows for personalized presets within the settings. Imagine configuring your voltage settings for various tasks—setting '8' for lining and '7' for shading, for instance. This foresight simplifies your workflow during actual tattooing sessions, enabling swift voltage adjustments directly on the interface.


tattoo machine management system

Seamless Workflow and Record-Keeping

Upon completing your masterpiece, the Aitenitas app facilitates a seamless workflow transition. A simple click on the "Done" button leads you to enter essential customer details such as name, contact information, and pricing. Whether you prefer pricing by unit or full service, the system calculates the cost automatically, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

The beauty of the Aitenitas CRM system lies in its meticulous record-keeping. Every order is meticulously recorded by the system, ensuring a comprehensive overview of your clientele and their requests. The result? A clearer, more organized business operation that enhances customer experience and satisfaction.


Unlocking the Ambiance: A Unique Design Feature

Beyond its operational prowess, the Aitenitas tattoo machine boasts an exceptional design feature—the ambient light. This distinctive design element can be personalized through the Aitenitas app, granting you control over the ambient light's color and mode. With an array of 10 million colors at your disposal, the creative possibilities are virtually limitless. Experiment with modes such as the mesmerizing breathing light effect, or opt for the dynamic colorful mode that cycles through a captivating spectrum of hues.


A Growing Ecosystem of Possibilities

While we've highlighted several impactful features, it's important to note that the Aitenitas app holds a treasure trove of additional functionalities awaiting your exploration. Our commitment to elevating the efficiency of tattoo artists drives us to continually enhance the system with more engaging and practical features. We invite you to share your valuable insights and ideas with us—should your suggestions be implemented, rest assured you'll receive corresponding compensation. Together, we strive to infuse the tattoo business with intelligence, creativity, and efficiency, all in the pursuit of advancing the industry we are so passionate about.

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