PT1 Prophet Is The Best Tattoo Machine In 2022

Why PT1 Prophet is the best tattoo machine in 2022?

You may know PT1 Prophet for the first time, so it is full of questions, but I think you should know it, whether you are a professional tattoo artist or a beginner.
Where tech meets art is where the PT1 wireless tattoo machine comes into place. These types of items are a long time coming when it comes to the world of professional tattoo artists. However, one of the best elements with this wireless tattoo machine, nicknamed the Prophet, is that it comes with a companion CRM intelligent management system.


CRM intelligent management system

Before we take a look at the core functionality, it’s important to note that there’s a CRM system that comes with every purchase and is specifically designed for those that are in the Tattoo business. This means you can focus on creating beautiful art while our system helps to manage your clientele.
Additionally, you can change the ring light built into a range of colors via the app as an aesthetic choice to compliment the ambiance of the tattoo parlor itself.
The most important thing is that the CRM management system will be continuously updated, and more and more functions will be added in the future, bringing more new ways to the tattoo machine.


Brushless Motors vs. Brushed Motors

When using one of these wireless tattoo machines, the material quality is immediately felt. It's made from a single piece of aluminum that's aircraft grade. The motor inside is a custom-built six-watt German Faulhaber brushless motor to fit and run smoothly within the casing.
(Compared with brushed motors, the main advantages of brushless motors are lower noise and vibration. Because the motor has better stability, because the speed of the load changes less, the vibration and noise during the work of the tattoo machine are reduced.The less vibration, the better the tattoo and the easier it is to heal.And can effectively reduce the hand fatigue of tattoo artists.
And the brushless motor has less loss due to its higher efficiency, which also means that the battery life is longer, and because the machine wears less, it will last longer for the tattoo machine. This saves a lot of time and money for tattoo artists)
The advantages of a brushless motor over brushed motors are high power-to-weight ratio, high speed, nearly instantaneous control of speed (rpm) and torque, high efficiency, and low maintenance.”–Wikipedia Ai-tenitas specially customized the 6w brushless motor made in Germany for PT1 Prophet, so the power consumption, performance, vibration and noise have reached a high standard. When you use it, you will find that it basically works in a silent state.


Ergonomic tattoo pen

Ergonomic high-pressure grip design, the grip adopts polygonal prism design, compared with smooth flat design, polygonal prismatic design allows tattoo artists to hold better, and uses a lightweight motor to reduce the weight of the tattoo machine The distribution reaches the ideal state, which greatly relieves the discomfort and hand fatigue caused by working for a long time.
The smart chip that helps with functionality and connectivity is also a custom design built specifically for the PT1. There was also consideration to include Bluetooth inside of it, which helps when it comes to connectivity with the application.


Panasonic NCR18500A battery

The battery itself can last up to 12 hours easily, meaning it's not always necessary to charge the PT1, and it's also a great option to take on the go, directly to clients if they choose to have it done at their home for privacy reasons. There's also an OLED screen sloped to 35 degrees to be able to easily see the necessary information that it's providing on the top.

Safety and Hygiene

It’s one of the safest options as it’s a class III appliance. This means that it is powered by both an extra low voltage power source and that power source is also separated from the rest of the machinery. That means there's no risk of electrical shock on the off chance there's contact happening.
Then it’s all about hygiene which is extremely important when it comes to tattoo equipment. The PT1 comes with a UV sterilization box that will help eliminate any type of dirt, bacteria, viruses, or anything else. After handling a session, just place it in its case, and let the ultraviolet rays handle all the cleaning necessary. Think about it, when you show your tattoo machine to others, the tattoo machine will inevitably come into contact with others, which increases the risk of being infected by the virus, and the UV disinfection box will cut off the possibility of transmission


Suitable for tattoo artists of any stage

As wireless tattoo machinery goes, this is one of the most durable and high-quality options out there. Compared with the mainstream thousand-yuan tattoo machines on the market, PT1 has leading configuration and stylish design, but only half the price, and has a supporting CRM management system, which combines technology and art, which is definitely a revolutionary idea. Therefore, whether you are a professional tattoo artist or a tattoo beginner, PT1 Prophet will be your best choice.