What Does a Lamb Tattoo Mean?

What Does a Lamb Tattoo Mean

Lamb Tattoo Mean

Tattoos symbolize many things like bravery, protection, progress, patience, love, peace, purity, etc. But recently, a new tattoo trend has been emerging all around the internet, where many people are unfamiliar with the meaning of tattoos and simply put them on their skin because it’s cool.

Yes, tattoos are cool, and they don’t always have to be meaningful, but as someone putting ink on your skin permanently, you should know something about it. In addition, since the price of tattoo machines and the cost of other gear and bills the artist has to cover quickly add up, tattoos can be expensive. 

Understanding the meaning behind different symbols will help you avoid spending money on tattoos that don’t go well with your personality or, even worse, on something you will later regret. 

Many people have gotten lamb tattoos, and this trend is viral on social media and especially TikTok. If you plan on getting one, here’s what you need to know.

Symbolism of Lambs

Symbolism of Lambs

Shepherding is one of the oldest occupations in the world. Lambs and sheep have been recognized as symbols of reverence, perfection, innocence, purity, and sacrifice in early Christianity. But originally, a lamb represented Christ through his suffering and triumph.

Lambs were often depicted together with lions as pairs, representing paradise. However, they also symbolize humility, forgiveness, and sweetness. Lambs also represent pure thoughts.

On the other hand, black lambs represent sacrifice, and each flock needs one black lamb to prosper. However, if a flock has more than one black lamb, it’s considered bad luck.

Lambs are small, tender animals that can’t defend themselves against predators. If they get out of the flock, there’s hardly any chance of them surviving. That’s why the lamb was considered the ultimate sacrifice to God, and it was the obedient servant.

Meanings of Lamb Tattoos

lamb tattoo

Meaning for lamb tattoos aren’t strictly tied to religion, but they have similar meanings. Some tattoos have divine and religious meaning, while others personify some of the most valued human traits, including patience, sacrifice, innocence, purity,

One of the lamb tattoos went viral recently on TikTok, and the owner of the tattoo said they simply liked sheep and there was no additional meaning. Nevertheless, this has created a trend of lamb tattoos, and religious people and atheists started getting them.

Some people simply find sheep and lambs cute, which is the only reason they choose this design. On the other hand, lambs are used as additional symbols to convey a different meaning to their designs. Sheep/goat is also a Chinese zodiac sign, with 2027, 2015, 2003, 1991, and other years being the years of the lamb.

Many people born in 2023 and 1991 have tattooed lambs because it represents their zodiac sign.

Design of Lamb Tattoos

There are many different lamb tattoo designs, some ethereal versions, mystic, realistic, to comically absurd. Whether you want a lamb tattoo that shows your spirituality, wildness, courage, or rebellion, there’s an option to choose from. Here are some of the famous sheep tattoo designs:

Cartoon or animated lamb tattoos

Regarding cartoonish sheep characters, lambs are the best symbol of playfulness and childhood innocence. They are often found as toys or in children’s literature, fairytales, and cartoons. A cartoonish or animated sheep design lets you connect with your childhood memories and keep that part of you close by.

Black sheep designs let you reconnect with your outcast side and show you’ve always been a part of the herd that’s been overlooked but is very important.

Black sheep designs

lamb tattoo

If you’ve always been a rebel, an outcast, or an individual who thinks outside the box, this is the perfect tattoo design for you. People with black sheep tattoos never follow the herd and always think differently. You’ve probably heard of the saying “black sheep,” which refers to those that stand out.

Well, this tattoo is perfect for showing everyone you’re proud of being the black sheep. They have historically even been labeled as a sign of “evil” and “bad luck,” and that’s why this is one of the best tattoos you can do to show everyone you refuse to conform.

Realistic lamb tattoos

Realistic sheep are a common choice for people. Let’s face it – lambs are cute whether you’re religious or not. People that love animals are always keen on getting a realistic lamb tattoo. It’s a pretty straightforward way of showing you love animals.

At the same time, realistic lamb tattoos can also be a subtle way of showing your traits as a person or your spiritual side. They are restrained, plain, pure, patient, and innocent.

Lamb tattoos combined with other symbols or images

One of the most popular combinations out there is a tattoo with a lion and a lamb representing duality. This symbol represents the Messianic Age, but the lion can also represent resurrected Christ, while the lamb represents his sacrifice.

Another typical example is a tattoo of a black lamb standing outside of the flock. Some people combine tribal tattoos with sheep to pay homage to their spiritual side since this animal is deeply rooted in the philosophical and divine narrative.

Choosing a Lamb Tattoo

Since there are so many options and meanings, choosing the right lamb tattoo can be tricky. First of all, think about personal purpose, significance, and personality. Think about what the design will tell everyone about you and your personality.

Are you a religious person or not? Do you want to show the symbolism of Christianity, or do you simply like what character traits sheep tattoos represent? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself. Once you’ve determined what kind of tattoo you would like, look for a tattoo artist to deliver what you need.

For example, if you want a realistic lamb, you need someone that specializes in realistic tattoos and has the necessary skill. The same thing applies when looking for a cartoonish design. Take the time to discuss your ideas with tattoo artists and see what similar designs they’ve done in the past.


We hope this post helped you learn more about sheep tattoos and what they represent. Take the time to figure out what you want and talk with multiple artists before you decide to do it.